A Primer on Data Stewardship

What is the Data Economy?

Aapti Institute's Data Economy Lab is a dynamic space to think through legal, policy, governance and technological issues on data stewardship. We are evolving globally applicable principles for a “good steward”.

The Lab will conduct research and build communities of concern on data stewardship. It will explore and put forth principles, frameworks, policies and regulations to unlock data whist protecting the interests of users.

As data becomes more and more ubiquitous, it is undeniable that there is a need to unlock the value of data by sharing, such that it is released from the monopolies of big technology companies, and used to empower individuals and address societal problems. It is, therefore, time to build systems and processes that allow for easy and safe data sharing in ways that enable innovation without compromising individual rights, agency and security and to derive public good. This balance of societal good, market innovation, and privacy is at the core of the questions on data governance, which needs to create data sharing apparatuses that are equitable, accountable, and just. In this context, data stewardship, a structure of data sharing where an intermediary facilitates or holds consent and decision-making on behalf of users, is a viable solution that can balance individuals data rights and the use of data for societal good.