Data Sharing for Public Good: Theoretical Bases and Policy Tools

By Siddharth Manohar

July 31st, 2020

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The paper studies the reasons for, and modes of, data sharing, and aims to synthesize an initial set of guiding principles for data stewardship. The legal and governance instruments that operationalize data sharing throw into relief the limits and methods of organizing data sharing and management. It undertakes a study of (i) different philosophical bases for data sharing; and (ii) laws, policies, and standards that support them. The analysis and summation of the policies seek to capture the thrust of their intent and supporting legislation.

This study of the governance of data sharing extracts the principles guiding these structures and practices. This in turn creates a comparison between the theoretical basis for data sharing and the principles that actually guide the practice. The paper uses this comparison to build an opportunity for revised principles for data sharing which accurately reflect the underlying rationale for sharing data across stakeholders in the first place.