Understanding Non-Personal Data Sharing: A principle-first approach

By Amrita Nanda and Astha Kapoor

July 22nd, 2021

Image sourced by unsplash.com

The purpose of this research has been to understand the landscape of, and consequently present evidence around non-personal data sharing and governance – particularly for India. While numerous countries are taking steps toward data governance and carving pathways toward societal value from data – there is a dearth of literature and research to unpacking these pathways. With non-personal data governance still a novel arena, research around the modes and approaches of such pathways are largely limited to theoretical underpinnings, and the ecosystem awaits more qualitative, empirical assessments of various frameworks. This gap in research has in part defined both the premise and outcome of this report, and it is the authors’ hope that such research may be built upon as the various approaches to data sharing make their impact known.

Aapti-Understanding NPD Sharing-Report - Updated

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