We need systems that enable democratic and human-centric data governance

As data value chains become more ubiquitous, there is a need to unlock data for public purposes and reimagine its governance – to release it from the ill-negotiated monopolies, create societal impact, and empower individuals and communities. Data must be made accessible - to drive innovative, responsive policy solutions and drive the innovation of intelligent products – without compromising individual and community rights, agency, or security.

This balance of societal good, market innovation, and digital rights is at the core of data stewardship apparatuses that are equitable, accountable, and just.


Create Knowledge
Create Knowledge

Deep dive into different sectors to assess the applicability of stewardship and surface use-cases. Analyse design choices for responsible stewardship of data.

Amplify Narratives
Amplify Narratives

Disseminate and socialise research to build a common understanding of the need and value of data stewardship

Build Communities
Build Communities

Bring together key stakeholders to share learnings and triangulate solutions toward data stewardship

Translate theory to practice
Translate Theory to Practice

Establish partnerships to collaboratively pilot and test what it would take to build a steward, assessing best practices and standards

Building an equitable data economy needs to be a collaborative effort between various stakeholders

The Lab adopts a problem-led approach and brings together practitioners, technologists, policymakers, civil society and industry thought leaders - to fuel an engine of implementable policy research and unbundle:

  • What does an equitable data economy looks like?

  • How can these models be sustainably operated and scaled?

  • How can we reimagine the role of individuals, communities, and stewards in the data economy?

  • How can we embed better consent and collection mechanisms within the data value chain?

Curious about what
we mean by Data Stewardship?

Tracking Data Stewardship

A repository

Check out our database of 100+ organizations and initiatives that are unlocking the societal value of data, while also empowering individuals and communities.

What does
it take?

Hear from practitioners building
responsible data stewards

A behind the scenes look at what it takes to build responsible, human-centric and transparent data governance systems.

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