Aapti’s Response to the Consultation Paper on IDEA

By The Data Economy Lab

July 27th, 2021

Image sourced by unsplash.com

On June 1, 2021, the Union Government, via its Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmer Welfare (hereinafter ‘Committee’) released the consultation paper on India Digital Ecosystem of Agriculture (IDEA). The objective of the paper is to digitize the agricultural sector, in order to overcome the various challenges faced by it such as inadequate market infrastructure or linkages, unpredictable or volatile prices and lack of crop planning due to information asymmetry. It also aims to be a “one-stop-shop for all the agricultural needs of the ecosystem.” The Committee provided until the end of June for the public to give feedback.

You can find the detailed response in the document below:

Aaptis Response to the Consultation Paper on IDEA.docx